The perfect Mac companion

Octory is a highly customizable and fully integrated macOS application to onboard, guide and support your users through an outstanding experience. Design your experience and put it to work.


Either on site or remote, keep it consistent and deliver a breathtaking onboarding experience to your employees.


Never let your employees down by guiding them through processes and configuration with pre-defined workflows.


Provide easy access to relevant information or automated actions and avoid loosing teams and colleagues time.

Never miss your first impression

We know that employees’ first day is as important for the company as it is for the employees themselves ; which is why Octory can be configured to integrate your Human Resources & IT processes right from the start. Never let an employee down on his first day ever again.

Design an experience

More than simple onboarding workflows, create experiences! Choose within a wide range of components like PDF, Images, Website, Videos and more… to display the information you want, when you want it, at any stage of your employees’ work.

Move Octory to the menu bar

Ease the life of your IT support and end users by keeping any relevant information a single click away. Launch Octory in the menu bar to do more for your teams.

Integrate with your MDM solution

Native integrations and modern tools make it easy to monitor apps, files and deploy workflows across your computers, with any solution.

Design by admins, thought for the users

Multiple integrations

Octory integrates with the major solutions of the market.

Security is our friend

IT security is at the heart of every environment and developed Octory with best macOS practices in mind.

Never ending improvements

What’s a must today might not be tomorrow. We value your feedbacks and do our best to implement new stunning features.

Go nuts for the price of a coffee

Bring your wildest dreams to life by going Pro for the price of coffee.

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