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Octory is highly customizable. It is easy to personalize it to suit your needs and your company’s branding.


Specify the components you need to show. Put them together the way you want. Retrieve inputs entered by the user.


You can reload Octory’s interface at any point in time while making changes in Admin mode. It’s like a web page, but it’s native and fast.

Fonts and colors

Choose any font and color for the text components.


Specify how Octory’s window appears on screen.

Single configuration file

Configure Octory with only one file. Create different files to easily target different groups in your company.


From files to apps. Track installation from Jamf, Workspace ONE, Intune, Munki, App Store and more…


Use native forms to ask for relevant information to your business.



Easily specify a condition to execute actions, insert or remove components and install monitors.


Ask Octory to execute one or more actions, concurrently or chained. Specify triggers and conditions to execute those actions.

API Requests

Save and retrieve variables from your MDM server or send specific data in the request body.

Commands, scripts and policies

Execute specific bash commands, scripts or policies by running our secure helper.


Configure alerts or play system and custom sounds to notify your end-users.

Popovers and notifications

Display a popover window from a button  and native notifications.